Bucket list - Run a Half Marathon

Fifth training day
Good morning out there. I am currently in Germany and my best friend suggested a running trail in the forest close to my home town, approximately 6km long. I didn't know about that trail, but tried it out this morning. Unfortunately my condition and leg are not 100%. The condition has decreased in the 3 weeks I am out of training, and my muscle has grown together again, but seems to be very short now. 
Anyhow, I tried an interval training for the first running session. So my training looked like 2mins running, 1min walking. I didn't take my time but needed all in all 60mins. 
So if I can run and do it, you can as well. Get up and get fit! And then get back to work like me now. 

Little Intermezzo about Running Technique
Hello there, I have found a webpage which is talking about a special technique of running. Its a technique developed in the 70s by a Russian Coach and is supposed to reduce injuries and increases the efficiency of the body. Attached the webpage http://www.posetech.com/pose_method/pose-logo.html
I will look up further information online about this method of running and will use the hotel gym and the mirror to teach it to myself. Hope I will manage and will definitely know how it goes and if this really increases my efficiency.

Forth training day
I am trying to get back to my Half Marathon training. Its strange to train again, I feel afraid of rehurting my muscle. The memory of the pain is still too fresh in my mind. So what I did today was a one hour walk around the city in a faster pace. Before that I did the dynamic stretch of my leg muscles - a careful dynamic stretch (description on page Move Explanation). Lets slowly get back to the full workout!

Third training day
I just forgot that last week I had my third training day for the Half Marathon. Oh I really need to update you about that one. I was so proud of myself. I managed to run... now here it comes... 25mins, at a pace of 8km/h. Isn't that amazing?
Anyhow, just for your information, when you train for an event like that and you start progressing, please remember to only progress either in time or in speed. Do not overdo it like me and progress in 2 things. I have progressed speed and time since the speed increase was barely noticable. But a bigger increase I would not have done.

Second training day
The second training day has started. I tried to run full 15mins without a break. I managed 17mins at a pace of 7.5km/h. I am so proud of myself. After yesterdays run I thought I will give it a try. And because the 17mins I ran felt quite ok, I decided I will go for 25mins tomorrow. Will let you know how that goes.

So, its official. I just paid 140$ to participate at the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon in Seattle on June 23rd.
For your information, I have a tachycardia and normally running longer than 5mins kills me. Endurance and stamina are not my favorite to train and a big weakness of mine. So, since this is a weakness and I don't like to show weaknesses, I signed in for the Rock'n'Roll. Now that means I need to train for it. So, I gave it a test start today:
5 rounds of
3mins running (pace 7.5km/h)
1min off
I have to admit, I managed quite ok. In 2 days I will give it a new try with increased running time.
You are welcome to follow me on my jouney!

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