Why InnShapeTraining?

During the past years, I developed to be a Globetrotter. I call hotel rooms my home, and live out of a suitcase. I travel around the world, sit in airports and airplanes so often, that I am able to fall asleep comfortably before the plane even starts rolling onto the runway. I eat at beautiful restaurants around the world way too late and too much. I feel bloated and weak quite often during my travels. My muscles feel soft. I started to have high blood pressure in my early 30th and my resting heart rate is above 100 constantly. Diagnosing myself, I would say I am stressed on a high level.

Does that sound familiar to you? If so, you are facing the same problems I have since 6 years. I am currently working as Project Manager for the SAP Implementation at an international company. Before that I worked in Export Management and travelled around the world even more often than nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I love the lifestyle I am having. However, I do not enjoy feeling soft, weak and bloated, I don't believe in bragging about my high blood pressure and certainly want to avoid taking those strong Beta-Blockers Doctors describe too fast.
So the question I asked myself a while ago: How can I combine my lifestyle with healthy eating and a workout routine to keep enjoying what I do?
In the beginning of my career I started to look into a regular visit to a Gym but was not able to get warm with the idea of paying a fortune into a facility I am using 4 times a month due to my work schedule. Then I started to look into DVDs with different kind of workouts. DVDs are easy to travel with, every business trip is accompanied by a laptop, and normally hotel rooms were big enough for the moves the DVD workouts show. So I have to admit, for about 2 years I actually exercised with Billy Blanks' Taebo. Though, the disadvantage was that sooner or later I knew every word, every move of all the 12 DVDs I had. I got bored and my search started all over again. Also, nobody was there to actually tell me if I did something right or wrong.
Then I looked more and more into YouTube. There are so many videos out there, I was amazed about the volume of workout material you can find. Through YouTube I got stucked to a free workout page. I loved the workouts with the original host. I slowly got addicted to the webpage, followed the workouts and noticed changes of my body. Not to mention, I liked it and felt healthier with it. But there were downsides to the workout as well. I became dependent on their workout time schedule they put online and never knew when the next workout will be posted. Another down part is the internet connection. Not every hotel has high speed internet, so downloading and looking at the videos was not possible everywhere.
Based on all the past years' challenges and research I decided to do my own thing, so I did my ACE Personal Trainer. In addition to that I did my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. I am in the beginning of building up my own routines, learning from the different workouts what moves and equipment can be used in a hotel room/hotel gym. I want to share the outcome with those who are in the same situation as myself, who’s body suffers from all the travelling, tight time schedules and long business lunches/dinners.
I hope you will enjoy the blog and the workout routines I create for myself to challenge my body while I am travelling.
For further interest or your own personalized workout schedule, please visit the webpage www.InnShapeTraining.com

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