Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be strong, be fast

Hello out there,
the past weeks I am reading more and more often the saying: Strong is the new Skinny. Of course I am fully with it and here is my new workout for this fine saturday:
Workout routine:
5 rounds of
10 Push-ups
60 Single rope jumps
20 Competition situps
Important here is that you do real push-ups. What do I mean with 'real'? Keep a straight line between your head and your feet (or for beginners between your head and knees), tighten your stomach muscles to keep your torso in place. The fingers of your hands should be spread, arms shoulder-wide apart from each other. When you lower your body, your elbows move to the sides of the torso. You should lower your body so far, that your chest is almost touching the floor, means your upper arms and your back have to be even. Look straight to the floor, not down on your body, or look ahead of you on the floor.

If you do not have a jump rope, you can either do jumping jacks or pretend you are doing single jump ropes. Importance here is the tightness of the upper body, do not cramp but tighten your upper body.
I did a similar workout today, but instead of push-ups I did 10 pull-ups (with a purple band support). I didn't take the time so I will have to redo the workout tomorrow morning to publish my times for you. ... Its next morning and I did the workout. I managed in 9:54mins. Challenge me :-)

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  1. I like that you are stressing the proper or "real" technique of an exercise. It is not only more efficient, targeting the muscles with precision, but it is also safer for the body.